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A social adult day care (SADC) is a structured program that provides functionally impaired older adults with socialization, supervision, personal care, and nutrition in a protective setting. An alternative to home health care, this program allows senior citizens age 55 and older to remain social while encouraging wellness and balance in their golden years.

Our programs offer various therapeutic and recreational activities designed to boost self-esteem and provide socialization. These include but are not limited to, discussion groups, arts and crafts, games and dancing, or services such as memory simulation exercises. In addition to therapeutic and recreational activities, we offer 2.5 nutritious meals daily, and transportation. We believe social interaction and wellness will encourage active senior citizens whom are more likely to increase their lifespan. We are partnered with local organizations to ensure our services professional, innovative, and within regulations. Our facility has a home environment to comfort and allow individuals to feel like they are at home.


What are the requirements for admission?

The program shall serve only individuals whose needs can be met and managed by the program. An assessment of functional capacities and impairments MUST be conducted prior to admission. All participants must meet requirements listed in your Policies. Individuals functionally impaired means, needing the assistance of another person in at least one of the following activities of daily living: toileting, mobility, transferring, or eating; or needing supervision due to cognitive and/or psycho-social impairment.

Why do we need it?

Social Adult Day Services are an important component of the community-based service-delivery system. Programs help to delay or prevent nursing home placement and the need for other very costly services, while providing vital assistance to the older person with cognitive and/or physical impairments and supporting their informal caregivers.

Research demonstrates that caregivers who experience stress and burden are more likely to “burn out” and, thus, place their loved ones in an institution prematurely. Social Adult Day Services can help to ease the burden of caregivers by providing them with time to take care of other needs and address other priorities. The service also allows many caregivers to continue to work. At the same time, it addresses the basic needs of the individual needing care in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment.